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Affordable Housing.
Modern Infrastructure.
We are South Knox.

Our campaign is fighting for affordable housing, modern infrastructure, the preservation of farms and green space, support of public education, and thoughtful growth while protecting the character of our unique neighborhoods.

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Matthew knows that affordable housing is a critical step in escaping poverty.  Supporting affordable housing is not just about lower rents. It’s about creating affordable paths to homeownership. Homeownership can be affordable and attainable if we create programs prioritizing renters becoming home buyers. Matthew will work to create affordable first-time homebuyer programs to get more residents into home ownership.


Matthew served our area as an EMT working on an ambulance in urban and rural areas. As a former first responder, he knows that our public health and safety system needs a better public-private partnership to ensure that every person in Knox County can know that help is on the way when they call 911.

Our Sheriff's deputies, like our teachers, need a pay raise so they can live in the communities they serve.


Let’s make Knox County the best place in the state to be a farmer, ride a bike, or simply enjoy nature. Knox County is home to many farms, including several Century Farms, and thousands of acres of wilderness. Matthew will advocate for farm preservation programs, promote agritourism, and support projects for better access to nature.


Matthew is a supporter of public education and public libraries. On County Commission, he will support our public schools and work to invest in our public libraries.



Rep. Sam McKenzie

"Matthew is the right person for the 9th district. His passion for public service and serving the people of South Knoxville is proven. Matthew will keep the balance between urban development and rural preservation. He will make a great commissioner for Knox County."

LGBTQ+ Victory Fund

“LGBTQ+ Victory Fund is pleased to endorse Matthew Park for Knox County Commission,” said Mayor Annise Parker, President & CEO of LGBTQ+ Victory Fund. “Matthew’s commitment to smart public policy that addresses the real concerns of constituents makes him the best candidate in this race. When he wins in August, Matthew will become a vital LGBTQ+ voice for equality in Knox County.”  
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East Tennessee Association of Realtors


Run For Something

About District 9

District 9 is the most eclectic area of Knox County. It is geographically diverse, ranging from the urbanized South Waterfront and the University of Tennessee campus in the north to the rural hills of Knox County in the south, the Seven Islands State Birding Park along the French Broad River Corridor in the east to Alcoa Highway, and the Tennessee River in the West.

The people of the district are as diverse as the geography. Our residents are artists, farmers, brewers, business professionals, ministers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, pilots, tradespeople, and so much more. The people of South Knoxville are diverse in language, place of birth, cultural heritage, race, gender, sexual identity, and many other facets of life.

You will find a diverse business landscape from offices to manufacturing, from farms to restaurants and breweries, and from airports to outdoor adventure clubs.

Our diversity unites us in common issues. The need for affordable housing, the need for protected green space and farms, the need for robust public safety, public education, and public libraries. 


Map of Knox County Commission District 9 

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