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Meet Matthew

A dedicated community leader, seasoned business executive, and East Tennessee native, Matthew’s commitment to Knox County runs deep. His dynamic blend of professional experiences and community involvements illustrates a relentless dedication to fostering growth, unity, and progress within our beloved region.


Matthew and his husband, Jordan, with their rescued dogs, Nyx and Alice

Community Advocate

President, Island Home Park Neighborhood

Matthew is the President of the Island Home Park Neighborhood Association, a voluntary neighborhood association, where he has advocated for a more walkable city, expansion of the Urban Wilderness, bank preservation along the Tennessee River, and a better relationship between neighborhoods, businesses,  and organizations. 

Vice-President, Two Bikes

Cycling is more than just a sport; it's a medium of social change and community bonding. As Vice-President of Two Bikes, Matthew's role is pivotal in using cycling as a conduit to foster relationships, promote health and fitness, and advance charitable causes. He believes in the power of pedal-driven change, uniting communities and driving forward with a shared purpose.

Board Member, Friends of Downtown Island

As an active board member of the Friends of Downtown Island, a local non-profit, Matthew has been instrumental in promoting the historical and economic significance of Downtown Island. He works alongside fellow board members to curate events and advocate for the neighborhoods of South Knoxville related to Downtown Island Airport. Matthew has been an advocate of reducing noise and traffic related to airport operations. 


Former First Responder

Matthew served our community as an EMT at a local ambulance service. As a first responder, he saw the most critical needs of our residents. Matthew then worked as an EMT for a children's hospital, focusing on getting critical pediatric and neonatal patients from rural hospitals to the specialized life-saving care they needed.

Business Leader

Matthew has been a technology leader for over a decade. This work has focused on many areas, including

  • reducing the cost of healthcare

  • creating equitable access to mental health

  • tracking and predicting financial markets

  • creating better experiences for customers 

Working as a business technology consultant, Matthew has helped hundreds of businesses from large to small. 

Matthew knows that government technology, like websites and systems, often leaves residents behind and creates a bad experience when accessing government services. He will be a voice for better technology in the Knox County government that serves every resident. 

Learn more about Matthew's professional background on LinkedIn.

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